Real Time data collection with MyQueryForm and SurveyAppMaker

SurveyAppMaker is an easy software solution to create surveys in minutes that will be added dynamically to MyQueryForm free mobile app for on/offline data collection. Once data have been uploaded from MyQueryForm to the cloud, they can be immediately visualized on Point Map, exported as Tables, and synchronized with other applications for Statistical Analysis. See 4 minutes video to know how it work.

We invite you to explore SurveyAppMaker and MyQueryForm


Test drive sample MyQueryForm mobile app surveys built with SurveyAppMaker and explore how easy it is to capture real time data under both online and offline conditions. Download MyQueryForm from Google Play Store and key in " guest2018" as project key and username and password " guest2018". Download your area map and test the app on sample surveys.

Browsers Support


SurveyApMaker has been tested and supported in major modern browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Opera and Safari for iOS.