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SAM will be used primarily by Project managers (PM) only.

VectorAnalytica creates a Project manager account (email, userid & password). SAM can be accessed only with these three.

Project Managers create new Projects from within SAM (after which SAM automatically provides the project with a unique PROJECT KEY). PMs identify Staff Members on a particular project by providing their email address.
PMs inform Staff Members that they have by notification form
PMs add, disable or delete staff members as the project PMs create digital Survey forms that Staff will subsequently use on MyQueryForm (MQF) mobile app
PMs edit or delete those forms
PMs change the survey status (Activates, Pending or Disable)
PMs track progress of data collection through SAM
PMs edit each record of any selected survey.

No, for reasons of security staff members cannot access SAM.

The number of projects and surveys the PM can create and manage depends on the Service and Pricing Plan selected.

Staff members assigned to projects will use MQF to collect data in the field.

You can only access MFQ after receiving an e-mail notification from a project manager that identifies you as a Project Staff member. This email will contain the Project Key that you will use to log in.

First download the app from Google Play Store. Next, create an account using the same email address and entering the Project key that the PM. Finally register using your project Key and credentials.

Yes, if you have an account and the PMs added you as Staff using the same e-mail previously, you only need logout from the currently project and login to a new project using the new project’s key and your current credentials.

Project managers have access to data on SAM. The SAM dashboard shows all records in point map by different color markers or filtered by survey and/or by date. Project Managers can view the table of records for each survey entry and can edit and export all records in csv, excel or pdf format or filtered by date.

  1. Request an account in SurveyAppMaker as project manager
  2. Login to
  3. Create your project
  4. Create your own surveys or request one


Download MQF free from Google PlayStore

While still online, center the map display on the offline area in which you will be collecting data by manually moving the map position marker to the correct geographical location.

Records that have been SAVED to the device will not be lost and can be EDITED and SENT to cloud server once the device has been recharged.

Once the RECORD is SENT to the Cloud server, the device will erase all previous records to minimize the possibility of duplicates

No, RECORDS cannot be modified by Data Entry staff once SENT to the server. Project Managers will be able to edit records directly from SurveyAppMaker.