How does SurveyAppMaker Work?

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Register Organization

This optional step links a project to a particular organization or institution, or an individual manager to one or more projects.

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Create Project

Enter basic settings such as project title, start-end dates, organization, country of operation and lowest geographical scale for which data will be entered on MyQueryForm

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Build Survey

Create your own customized surveys with elements such as text, numeral, bar code and QR code, photo, check box, etc. Your survey will then be ready for activation on Android mobile app MyQueryForm.

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Configure App

1. Create a project staff member directory (required) and alert contact directory (optional).
2. Notify each staff member and alert contact, and
3. Begin using MyQueryForm (see userguide)

SurveyAppMaker and MyQueryForm, Workflow

Description of Query Type Elements

To build a survey, Project Managers select from the list of query elements below. GPS coordinates are not listed as a query element because GPS information is automatically incorporated whenever a blank survey is opened; current date and time are also automatically included whenever users SAVE a record.

Allows users to insert text as header or paragraph information. Recommended for identifying different query form sections.

Allows users to enter one-line word answers using screen keypad. Good survey form design minimizes the use of this query type element.

Allows users to enter multiple-line word answers using screen keypad. Text Box is intended only for observations and comments that are not anticipated in the query form. Good survey form design anticipates commonplace observations and comments to minimize the user’s temptation to use Text Box.

Use this field when the answer will be a decimal number. For example, “What is your most recent level of Hemoglobin in g/dL?”

Use this field when the answer will be a whole number. For example, “How many times a week do you exercise?”

Allows users to select from a list of answers provided. Answers can be Single or Multiple selection. Users must open a drop-down tab to view the answer options provided.

A simple checkbox is displayed with the text of the label as the sole option. Recommended when the answer will be of the type True or False.

Allows users to select from answers provided in checkbox list. The answers are displayed directly on the screen for multiple selection. For best user experience on mobile devices, checkbox group is recommended when there is a small list of options with short labels (such as Fever, Headache, Diarrhea, etc.)

Allows users to select only one option from a list of answers provided. The answers are displayed directly on the screen for your selection

Allows users to scan barcode from the device. Eliminates manual data entry mistakes; standardizes and speeds data collection. Recommended for capturing uniquely identified objects.

Allows users to scan QR code from your device. Eliminates manual data entry mistakes; standardizes and speeds data collection. Recommended for capturing rich information of uniquely identified objects.

Allows users to take a picture as evidence.

Allows users to specify a date from an electronic calendar. Since the software automatically registers Date the moment that record is SAVED, this query element is recommended only to record a different date. Example: the date of onset of symptoms, or a date of vaccination.

Allows users to insert groups of questions dynamically as many times as necessary in the same survey. Recommended when collecting additional information about the same variable. Example: You need information about the number of male and female mosquitoes of each species that are found in each trap – when you don’t know beforehand how many species will be present in each trap.


Set Up and check list before you leave the office

> Make sure you always use the email address and project key that the Project manager sent you for this app. REMEMBER PASSWORD (app doesn’t have password recovery capacity yet).

> Calibrate the app map while still online (the way you do for UBER or other ride sharing apps), by moving the position marker to the device’s exact location.

> Are you using the project’s latest FORMS? If unsure, go to settings icon on the top right and click on UPDATE FORMS).

> Make sure your device has storage space in GALLERY photo icon and can access CAMERA.

> Make sure each trap has a unique identifier (either an integer starting with 1001 manually painted on the trap or a barcode label affixed to the trap).

Will you be inputing data in an offline location?

If so, while you are still offline:

> Open SCREEN to that area.

> DOWNLOAD and label that map.

> SAVE that downloaded map.